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Introducing the worlds first   Multi-Patented 3-Step Process to natural Liquid Lip Color that feels both tingly fresh and moisturizing. The Patented LIP-INK® color process works synergistically with LIP-INK® 's Shine/Moisturizer  (used under and over LIP-INK® color to remoisturize throughout the day) and LIP-INK® 's Off Remover
that removes all LIP-INK® 's products.
All LIP-INK® semi-permanent cosmetics™ are handcrafted in small batches by Lip Diva™, and Inventor - Rose Nichols.
By combining an extraordinary blend of herbs and botanicals, with traditional and innovative color pigments, Rose personally strives to satisfy the cosmetic needs of active women.

LIP-INK® is hypoallergenic-free of wax, animal fat, cholesterol, and preservatives.
LIP-INK® is Waxless, Waterproof, Smearless, Ultra-durable and Preservative Free™.
LIP-INK® is Moisturizing and Tingly Fresh™.
LIP-INK® will Revive and Renew your lips with its natural exfoliation process.

In short, Lip-Ink® is the only healthy alternative to lipstick.

Lip-Ink® Color Cosmetics are based on scientific research and protected by US and International patents. Competitive products cannot legally duplicate Lip-Ink® Color Cosmetics and their precise chemistry.

Click Image Below To View A Full Sized Color Chart. 

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Click Image Below To View A Full Sized Kit. You may choose any two colors:

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$45.00 For The Kit